Residential Programs and Services      I-Bucks v1.0





Plan members can use their I-BUCKS to make purchases at any of the 29 RPS Dining Services locations on campus. 

It is our expectation that this website will only be used by authorized IU students.  Providing anyone, including a student's parents/guardians, with a student's passphrase is a university security violation:

At the request of UITS, to ensure security for student users, anytime RPS has reason to believe that someone else has logged into your account, we will report the incident to UITS. If you have unknowingly violated UITS policy, you may reset your passphrase at

Did you know you can add I-BUCKS and check out menus on the IUB Mobile App?
Just download the IU Mobile App, select the Bloomington Campus, and then choose Dining Services.  You're in!

One I-BUCK equals one dollar and they are encoded on the plan member's university ID card. Depending on which plan a student has chosen, s/he will receive a 60 or 25 percent discount off the published prices at the point of purchase.

All I-BUCKS remaining at the end of the contract term will be available for use through the next fall semester for everyone enrolled. They will only continue to be available through the next spring semester for those who have another Cream or Crimson plan. I-BUCKS continue to be available as long as the student, faculty, or staff member has a Cream or Crimson plan.

For example, let's say Mike has 50 I-BUCKS left at the end of his freshman year. He doesn't sign up for a new Cream or Crimson plan, so his 50 I-BUCKS will expire at the end of the fall semester of his sophomore year. If Mike had signed up for another Cream or Crimson plan, those 50 I-BUCKS would have been added to the I-BUCKS amount of the chosen plan for his sophomore year.

Cash and credit card purchases will not receive a discount.