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Welcome! You're about to begin the process of contracting and applying for housing at Indiana University Bloomington with IU Housing Operations and Assignments.

Before proceeding, you will need to have set up a username and passphrase.  If you know your University ID you can create your network ID and passphrase here. Typically it takes between one and two days to have a new username and passphrase registered. If you have forgotten your IU network ID password, go here.  Once you have completed this process, you can complete this contract.  This contract is to be completed by IU students ONLY.

Please have the following ready to use:

  • Your IU student username, passphrase, and University ID number.  
  • Information about the housing options that interest you:
  • Please note that that if you're requesting a thematic or learning community, there might be any special requirements or application material, assignment practices, fees, or rules governing roommates for the community. Learn more here:
  • A credit card to pay the non-refundable $200 application fee, if you are a new student.  You will be directed to IU FlexPay site where you will need to make the payment.

PLEASE NOTE: Certain scholarship programs will notify IU Housing Operations in advance of your status that might allow this fee to be deferred (posted to your first bursar bill) or waived.  If you qualify for a deferral or waiver, you will see this information when you get to the payment page. 

Exemption from the housing residency requirement requires a formal request. Follow the instructions found online: here

It is our expectation that this contract will be completed by the incoming IU student.  Providing anyone, including a student's parents/guardians, with a student's passphrase is a university security violation.  Any violations will be reported to University Information Technology Services (UITS).

If you have unknowingly violated UITS policy, you may reset your passphrase here.


Please read carefully the housing contract before you agree to the terms. Agreement to these terms involves accepting certain financial obligations. You must agree to the terms of the contract in order to submit the housing contract.

RETURNING STUDENTS & TRANSFER STUDENTS: If you are having difficulty accessing the application, you will need to submit a Housing contact form here.