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Welcome. You're about to begin the process of contracting and applying for housing at Indiana University Bloomington.

UPDATE:  July 22, 2015
If your status is NOT entering as a first time IUB first year (freshman student); we regret to inform you that based on current demand from the IU freshman class, we do not anticipate being able to make an assignment for you.  We would strongly encourage you to seek off-campus housing alternatives at this time.

Please have the following ready to use:

1) Information about the housing options that interest you ( If you're requesting a learning community, please be sure you're aware of any special requirements, assignment practices, fees, or rules governing roommates.

2) Your IU student network ID/username, passphrase and University ID number.  If you know your University ID you can create your network ID and passphrase here:  Typically it takes between one and two days to have a new username and passphrase registered. If you have forgotten your IU network ID password, please visit

3) A credit card to pay the $300 contract/application fee, if you are a new student. A deferral of this fee will be considered in documented cases of financial hardship. Certain scholarship programs will notify RPS in advance of your status.  If you see that you owe the contract/application fee and believe you qualify for a deferral, please contact us at   Current residents applying for summer housing will not be required to pay an application fee.

4) If you're requesting a specific roommate, you need to have that person's student network ID/username. If you do not have this information currently, you may return to this application once it becomes available to you to include it in your preferences.  Students applying for academic year housing must submit roommate information prior to May 1.  

If you've already submitted an online contract and application for the residence halls or apartment housing, you may enter this system to revise your information or preferences prior to May 1 (academic year) or December 1 (spring only).

Exemption from the residency requirement requires a formal request. Follow the instructions found at  DO NOT complete this online contract and application. The $300 contract and application fee is not due while your exemption request is under review. If the exemption is denied you will be required to complete the online contract.

It is our expectation that this website will only be used by authorized IU students.  Providing anyone, including a student's parents/guardians, with a student's passphrase is a university security violation:

At the request of UITS, to ensure security for student users, anytime RPS has reason to believe that someone else has logged into your account, we will report the incident to UITS. If you have unknowingly violated UITS policy, you may reset your passphrase at


Please read carefully the housing contract before you agree to its terms. Your agreement involves accepting certain financial obligations. You must agree to the terms of the contract in order to submit your application.